Storyteller, wanderer and a lover of all things beautiful.

The third child to Debbie and Peter, I developed my love for nature swinging through the trees at home with my older brothers. They often threw rocks at my head and double bounced me off the trampoline, we went to the hospital so many times my parents were put on the watch list.
When we grew up and my hospital visits decreased, I didn’t want mum to relax to much and fall into a state of complacency so I began going on adventures.

Being the youngest child and the only girl I was often left to my own devices and my love of storytelling developed out of necessity. After seeing Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time and falling madly in love with Johnny Depp, my life goal became filmmaking.
Graduating Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts, I soon realised I wasn’t going to become the next Quentin Tarantino and my wildest dreams of marrying Johnny Depp were never going to come true. With a heavy heart I moved into photography and discovered a deep mind-altering connection with my camera. We’ve been together ever since.

My aim as an artist is to grow a greater respect for the planet we're part of and the people living on it. I've just finished my latest exhibition, and my FIRST book, head here to check it out. Upcoming adventures are India and New Zealand. To follow along head on over to my Instagram

Feel free to get in touch with for a quote, a print or just to chat about life.

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