Louise Coghill is a self taught photographer based in Perth. 

She is a storyteller, a world traveller and a general lover of all things beautiful.

Her photography story began in 2005 when her father let her borrow his camera. Her first few photos were atrocious and she quickly put it aside and thought 'I won't be doing that again!'.
Instead she chose to study Film and Television at Curtin Unversity, with the dream of becoming the next Quentin Tarantino and possibly meeting and marrying Johnny Depp.
Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a passion for visual storytelling, she slowly began to pick up cameras again and realised photography was fast becoming her number one passion. Now her only focus is photography although she still enjoys working in film, taking on set stills.

Studying film is what Louise believes shapes her style, she enjoys telling stories through her images, whether that be through a fine art portrait, or simply capturing a moment. 

Feel free to get in touch with Louise for a quote, a print or just to chat about life.


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Wandering - A solo exhibition

Louise's first solo exhibition was hosted at Hylin Cafe in December 2015.

Read her interview with Gage Roads here.

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Little Wing Corner Gallery - Live Photobomb

Louise's photos were painted on by several well known Perth Artists
James Giddy 
Liam Dee
Stale Kale

Read her interview here

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