Hi, I'm Louise.

I'm a photographer and writer from Perth, Australia. I'm often found walking through various mountain ranges with my backpack known as 'Big Red'. 

I discovered travel from the age of ten when my family moved to a small mining camp in Tanzania. I spent my high school years in boarding school, and flew around the world to meet my parents wherever they were living at the time.  Since then, I've struggled to stay in one spot for very long and have hiked through Nepal, rode horses through Mongolia, caught trains through China, hitchhiked across Laos and walked the length of New Zealand. 

While travel may have launched my career, I don't class myself as a travel photographer. I am a storyteller first and foremost, and the stories I want to tell are at times abroad and at other times in my own backyard. 

I began my career in film, studying Film and TV at Curtin University, wanting to become a screen writer and director. After moving to a sleepy little town in tropical North Queensland with no film industry, I discovered my passion for photography and trying to capture the fleeting moments of beauty nature provides.

When my camera was stolen during a four month adventure through South East Asia, I rediscovered my love of using words to describe my landscape, and have since published my own book of travel essays and adventure stories along with several published articles.

 I've spent the past 10 years developing as a photographer and writer, working with organisations such as Sea to Summit, Fabric Quarterly, The Urban List, City of Perth and Curtin University. 

Since watching my family home burn down in a bush fire, I am passionate about all things sustainability and climate action and am always looking for a way to use my skills to elevate our fight for a liveable planet. 

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