Terra - Exhibition and book launch

‘Terra’ is the culmination of a four month trip, exploring countries and cultures less travelled, capturing the raw beauty of these ancient lands.  It showcases the beautiful yet harrowing landscapes of Mongolia and Nepal and Cambodia.

View the collection here.

With a whimsical style ever present in her work, Louise begins looking past the simple beauty of these harsh but rewarding landscapes, and questions the role of the traveller as she watches cultures shift in a modern world. 

These images have been featured by NewsWeek, Canon Australia, Monster Children, The Adventure Handbook and other international publications, and were published in 'Our world through your eyes' a Tiny Atlas Quarterly book, published by Ten Speed Press.  

Louise’s first book was also launched alongside the exhibition. It features the fun misadventures Louise has become known for, but also explores the role of the traveller, and the impact globalisation has on these developing countries.

Read her interview about photography, creativity and a little behind the exhibition over on The Urban List

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The Dreamer - A solo exhibition

‘The Dreamer’ will take you on a fantastical journey through some of Western Australia’s otherworldly locations. It follows an unnamed woman as she tackles the emotional turmoil of life and it's many ups and downs. In each photo, she is a figure both overwhelmed by and in sync with her surroundings, journeying through landscapes that reflect her feelings and fears.

After a successful Pozible campaign, my model Grace Sanders and I bundled ourselves into a van and explored the South West of Australia to capture the series. 

You can read about the series, myself as an artist and my netflix bingeing over on Pilerats 

See more of the photos here

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Wandering - A solo exhibition

Louise's first solo exhibition was hosted at Hylin Cafe in December 2015.

Read her interview with Gage Roads here.

See the images here

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Little Wing Corner Gallery - Live Photobomb

Louise's photos were painted on by several well known Perth Artists
James Giddy 
Liam Dee
Stale Kale

Read her interview here

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